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Performance Services





"Memorable moment... an eerie and mystical tune filled the sanctuary... from the soul".

                -Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Christian's music creates a sacred, prayerful space, where the spirit just flows"

                -Minneapolis Area Clergy

"The flute just takes me places... right where I need to be, where I want to be. I'm at the cabin on the dock by the lake. This is where I feel the most alive and whole. I can even feel the summer sun on my skin. It's so healing to listen to you play."



While much of my time is spent providing music therapy to my clients, I do perform several times each month. As a musician, I have probably been better known for performing on the Native American Cedar Flute, and flutes from other cultures. I also play Guitar, Synthesizers, Indigenous percussion, several other instruments, and sing. I have played for groups as small as 20 to groups of over 3000. While much of my recorded music is meditative, I also perform music that is more upbeat and up-tempo. Group performance can include interactive music making with the "audience". To inquire about my performing services and fees, please contact us. For information about concert performances, please watch the News and Updates section of this site.


"You could just feel everyone's blood pressure in the whole room drop and their breathing calmed."

                -Nurse observing performance


I perform in schools, clinics, hospitals and wellness centers (in addition to music therapy services), churces and other houses of worship, ceremonies, retreats, nature centers, and other locations.

Instruments available include: Native American Flute, Guitar, Vocal, Ethnic & Other Percussion, Recorders, & Limited Keyboard.

Other Instrumentalists are available.

Sound reinforcement available as needed.

PowerPoint performances, which combine sequenced nature scenes or sacred location scenes with live music and environmental sounds, are also available.


"Your music invites people in to connect with each other, and Spirit in a very powerful way"

              -Minnesota Clergy

"When you play, it just touches me like no other music ever has."

                -Western Minnesota Clergy & Hospital Chaplain


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About the Instruments Click here to learn more about some of the instruments I play.